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New Products Release - COMPUTEX

  • 2014-05-30

    New Products Release

    Tapei, Taiwan – June 3, 2014--TOTOLINK, a professional manufacturer on Networking devices, has lunched many new products in May, including Wireless AC Router/Extender, 3G Mobile Router/Portable AP, Ceiling Mount AP, and PoE switch series.



    A3004NS, as the most advanced and powerful wireless AC router, can deliver up to 1600Mbps WiFi speed for you to enjoy extremely fast Internet access at home. The multi-functional USB 3.0 port also supports FTP Server, Samba Server and URL server with higher data transfer rate and lower power consumption than USB 2.0. Another revolutionary WiFi AC product is EX750, which is designed to extend your existing wireless network on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz by one-press WPS (WiFi Protected Setting) button.


    Nowadays, peoples increasing demand for WiFi network makes 3G mobile broadband more and more popular. Only by plugging the 3G USB dongle into G150R/G300R/iPuppy 5, you can achieve an amazing high speed WiFi network quickly anywhere, anytime.



    For public places as hotels, airports and markets, we also develop ceiling mount AP N10, PoE switches and PoE box, which provide a complete WiFi coverage, flexible deployment and centralized management when whole set used.


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